About the book

„Palace of Colours. The magic of make-up” is an extraordinary book on make-up, where a fairy tale of beautiful princesses becomes reality made up of flickering colours, fantastic textures and glimmering light. It is a book for every lady and every girl who believes that she can also be a queen – and not only some distant movie star. Thanks to „Palace of Colours” and examples of “regular” women each of us can gain momentum in shaping her own personality…

„Palace of Colours. The magic of make-up” is also a book for make-up artists, who are no strangers to the touch of colour. Through the sense of colour they can express themselves in the most beautiful act of creation – decorating human skin, and revealing its timeless beauty to the outside world. In the Fashion chapter they will find more than 90 photos where the make-up transcends all possible boundaries, once again proving that it has become an art equal to painting, music or sculpture. And let me invite you to this journey full of colour, femininity and magic.

I dedicate this book to all those for whom the notion of beauty goes beyond generally accepted boundaries. Beyond colour, shape and superficial differences. Beauty is everywhere, you just need to find it within yourself, and then open your eyes and see it in other people. – Dorota Kościukiewicz-Markowska

Description of issue:

Format: 330 x 240mm
Number of pages: 204
Paper: Chalk Arctic 170g silk
Binding: Hardcover
Gilded edges
Hotprint gold embossed title
Language: English-Polish

Publisher: MOVART
ISBN: 978-83-935376-0-0