About the author

Dorota Kościukiewicz-Markowska

dorota_kosciukiewicz  „It is difficult to write about myself, but I think that a discerning reader might also be interested in the figure of the author herself. I am an economist, as you can see I do not work in my profession. I have learnt all by myself, always following only the voice of my heart. In my current professional work, which I have been doing for almost 10 years, I do not make any compromises and I only do what I like. It is nature that teaches me the most. Nature with its variety and multitude of colours and phenomenal combination of shades is the best source of inspiration to me. I stop and listen to the colour of the sea, the scent of wild flowers, and afterwards I only try to resemble that feeling in my creation.

     I gained my work experience as a make-up artist during my seven-year-long adventure in Mexico. Many different, fantastic coincidences have given me opportunities to work, amongst others, as head make-up artist for Shiseido in Mexico, as an art director and make-up artist for Clara magazine, and at numerous photo sessions and fashion shows. After coming back to Poland in 2007 I devoted myself to painting, which resulted in an exhibition “Malowane na dwa serca Uśpieni” presented in Berlin and Szczecin. Then I became interested in photography. That way I combined all my previous passions. Being a sort of a woman of many parts, I created fabulously colourful photo sessions. Their effect could be seen on the cover of the exclusive “Make-up trendy” magazine I have been cooperating with since their very first issue.

     Today I put this album in your hands, and I hope it will be an interesting journey to the world of colour and fantasy, where the borderline between reality and fairy tale slowly begins to disappear, and the notion of beauty goes beyond the generally accepted patterns.