Countess in her 30’s

Thirty… – for some, it sounds like a court sentence. They try desperately to return to the age starting with a 2. Unfortunately, time passes by and one day each of us will have to cross to the other side. But is it really „unfortunate”? This is when we start to mature and turn from girls into women. We blossom, sparkling, shining like the most beautiful of flowers.

A fairy tale? Not for me. Women in their thirties are full of magic. Maybe it is just harder to notice it underneath the multitude of complexes. But they are great observers themselves – they see even the slightest of wrinkles and every additional gram. And only sometimes they have to be reminded that this is the natural course of things. Our body evolves, just as the mind gains experience. Why should we be ashamed of it? It is time to stand tall, look ahead and proudly present yourself as an attractive thirty-something.

The third decade of our lives is the moment to change something. To stop in your run up the career ladder or to come out to people from domestic seclusion. It is worth to consciously look at yourself and ask: who am I, and who would I like to be? Delve deep in the secrets of your feminine nature and make a decision: how would I like to express myself. With this in mind let us relish the art of makeup, because still a lot is allowed in this matter. Let us check if the colours we have used so far are still up to date and if they still fit our personality, character and occupation.

Look at Agnieszka as an example, in her daytime and evening styling. She demonstrates that make-up combined with a great smile can really work miracles, oozing charm and attracting like a magnet.

Daytime make-up
Moisturizing cream was applied to the face and under the eyes. Then I applied a luminizing base. I evened out the undereye shadows using a light concealer stick. Add a bit of natural foundation and transparent powder, and the skin is ready to put on the colour. On the cheeks I applied very light peach blush. I used brown eye shadow on the eyebrows. For the eyes I used eye shadows in the colour of sand and cappuccino combined with subtle pistachio green. To add some depth and a bit of contrast, I used a black pencil. The line is drawn in the middle of the eye on the upper and lower eyelid, and on the outer side very close to the lower lash line. It gets more pronounced as we look towards the outer eye corner. A black line in the middle
of the eye can be recommended for ladies with large eyes, as it will make the eyes look smaller. The use of a black pencil on Agnieszka’s face accentuates the honey-green colour of the iris, at the same time exposing by contrast the bright green colour of the eye shadow used. The eyelashes are covered with one stroke of lengthening black mascara, and the lips with colourless, natural lip gloss.

Evening make-up
I applied a revitalizing cream, base, foundation and a natural, transparent powder – the same ones as for daytime make-up. The cheeks are touched with bronzer and salmon-tangerine blush. I filled in the eyebrows with a brown eye shadow. I wanted to focus all attention on Agnieszka’s eyes. I gave them some radiance using a gold cream eye shadow. Depth was added by using several shades of violet and a delicate touch of black on the upper eyelid in the outer corner. Along the lower lash line to the middle of its length starting from the corner, I applied a gold line. In the middle I used a black one. The same black line is used above the upper lash line, raising slightly upwards. With such pronounced eyes, the make-up is completed with glossy ivory lipstick with delicate particles of gold.