It’s time to cross the borders of land, sea and human imagination, in pursuit of the volatile beauty to the end of the world. Taste the colourful exotic and revel in the absolute completeness of its form. Ethno styling has the temper of the hot South and a bit of bitter cold of the North. It is created to blaze trails, it reaches out to all
known nations. Here the make-up does not give way to multi-coloured accessories, it blends with them as in an extraordinary novel. Its author, a traveller, joyfully spins its numerous tales, twining the delicate touches of gold with the cold shades of blue… mixing steely episodes into a plot weaved of violet.

In this case the make-up is again a complement to the entire styling. Richness of colours in ethno-style photos justifies the complete colour-wise madness in the choice of eye shadows, lines and lipstick colour. It is also an opportunity to use glitter and feathers – not just real feathers, but also those painted on the model’s skin (page 200 and 201). It is worth experimenting with combinations of cold colours with warm ones, drawing upon the aesthetic known from other lands, poorly known countries and the tastes of people living there. Tucked in intense patterns, exotic gemstones and colours, the model becomes an undefeated queen of the steppe or a Scheherazade willing to tell the most intriguing of fairy tales. And here, like in a fairy tale, the story requires a beautiful ending, a miraculous punchline enclosed in the frames of a perfect composition.