Feather and lace

     Two minor details and an infinite number of opportunities to transform a woman into a beauty alluring with an armful of secrets. It is enough for a grain of extravagance with a tint of theatrical glance to be topped up with a bit of charm suddenly appearing from behind the curtain of fabric. It is all combined in fashion styling, always intriguing with the precision of lace form. They are accompanied by pieces of art beckoning with softness – the nature conjured in the weightless form of feather. In this company the flawless texture of the face starts to flicker with colours of the rainbow and unnoticeably blends in with the new make-up. It oozes with charm of its new creation, ready to be revealed to the world, mercurial as a dancing body. Able to smoothly move from a sensual tango to a crazy can-can.

     Feathers are the power of nature. They are the ones that lead, determining the character and choice of make-up colours. Usually they are also such an evocative accessory that you have to be careful not to „over-create” the whole styling. Enough is is as good as a feast. But if the particular styling requires, you can combine them with lace, glitter,
false eyelashes, crystals and multitude of colours. A bonding element for the entire composition may even be the false eyelashes carefully glued to each of the feathers and embedded in beads. The use of lace enhances the mystery and make the whole styling more dramatic. In particular, the characteristic black contrasted with the white complexion gives a sense of chic and timeless beauty .