Interview with Dorota Kosciukiewicz-Markowska on Your book is divided in two parts: metamorphoses and fashion make-up. Which of them was the biggest challenge?

D. K-M: I know that it is the fashion part that seems more difficult. But this is what I love, this is where I let myself go with some force from within. It is also easier to work with professional models. So it was a bigger challenge to work with Metamorphoses, where I wanted to show that you can make every “ordinary” woman look like a beauty. The ladies were not models, but as you can see in the album Palace of Colours. Magic of Make-up it all turned out great. Which part is closer to your heart? The one for ordinary women or the one for make-up artists?

D. K-M: The fashion part, certainly. This absolute madness, explosion of colour and reaching beyond all barriers is what I love. I lock myself up in the studio and start creating. That is probably this true kind of creation – without thinking about who likes what in daytime or evening make-up. In fashion make-up I feel like a painter, applying layers of paint to white canvas, but the canvas here is the model’s face. Was the cooperation with the girls successful during the metamorphoses? Do you remember any of the sessions in a special manner?

D. K-M: Very successful. For the ladies it was fun, it was an adventure. Many of us, somewhere deep in our hearts, want to appear in a magazine or a book, we would like to see our faces in a different setting than every day. In this context the girls and ladies taking part in the project put their confidence in me, and you can see the effects in the pictures. The session I remember the most was the one with my sister. The 40-plus lady. It was great to work together and first of all to be able to show how beautiful she is despite her age. The same also applies to my mother-in-law, the lady in her fifties. I would like to say that it is not just about the make-up, it is about some kind of deeper self-acceptance. Because when a woman sees her new image in the mirror, some inner, magic strength starts to shine through, and you can see it in the pictures. Apart from the presentation of make-up you also discuss the myths in make-up. You chose to give advice rather than break the myths. Why?

D. K-M: I believe that everything in our world is “good”, both following the myths and not following them. I just wanted to show that there is another way, another point of view, that as make-up artists we do not have to stick to the old scheme, we can reach out and see much more. Here I wanted to inspire make-up artists to their own pursuits, to follow their intuition and to listen to our customers. Because the warm autumn lady does not always want to be warm. An interesting proposal in our book is make-up by age groups. At what age, in your opinion, can women properly use make-up by enhancing their strengths, and not by creating heavy masks?

D. K-M: There is no rule here. I know teenagers who are excellent at applying their make-up, but I also know ladies over 50 who beautifully enhance their looks. I think, however, that this conscious choice of make-up starts somewhere before the age of 30. That’s when we start asking a bit different questions about our looks and that’s when we are more conscious in creating our own image. Often what we choose at that age stays with us for decades. The art is in finding our own place among new trends, being in balance with ourselves. The last chapter, Fashion, is the culmination of your work. The photos show that you don’t accept any limits in make-up. Can you still find your inspiration after so many years of work?

D. K-M: Oh yes, please believe me, I can. The colours have entered my soul during my 7-year-long adventure in Mexico and there is no way for them to disappear. For now I presented everything I wanted to show in my book. I made my point, but time goes forward, and the colours in my head start to get their shapes. I know they are waking up to life, to explode with their full force. But now is the time for the promotion of the books. Because apart from the album I also published a novel Effortlessly (, partly inspired by my own story. Your book is dominated by photos. You might say it is a kind of a “make-up atlas”. Was this the initial idea?

D. K-M: Exactly! I’m glad you noticed it. From the very beginning it was supposed to be an album, not a book. And this is an obligation – to have colourful, beautiful photos and an exclusive print. So I wanted Palace of Colours. Magic of Make-up to be unique and to stand out in the market. Based on the opinions of people who bought the album already I can see that it succeeded. Are you fully satisfied with the final effect of your work? Or would you change something?

D. K-M: I am totally and completely satisfied. I wouldn’t change anything. Are you planning to publish more similar books in the future?

D. K-M: Not for now, as it is a long process, taking several years. But who knows what the future may bring? Thank you for the interview.

D. K-M: Thank you.