Pigment and glitter

     Somewhere on the borderline of waking and dreaming, in the reality of an unconstrained mind, pure abstracts are created, each of them waiting to be set free. Fashion make-up is sometimes downright unpredictable. It can be foreseen only to a certain extent. The rest is the silence of the artist and a meaningful form of his next work. Sparkling particles, crystals, metal chips, all create unusual images on the surface of skin. Some of them owe their form to the surface of water, sources of others can be found in the complex architecture of the universe.
There is no way to indicate all possible ideas here, nor to enclose them in rigid frames of an instruction manual. Fashion make-up simply depends on momentary inspiration.

The styling in this case is based on small accessories, as it is the make-up that plays the primary role here. The glitter sparkles, glistens somewhat carelessly on almost the entire surface of uncovered face. The model ceases to exist, blending in with her new, colourfully sparkling skin. Glitter can be glued onto special, coloured, cream bases or put directly on the body with a large volume of fixer. Each time the effect will be different. Pigments, or powdery shadows, smudged and tinged on the entire surface, in combination with fixer will give an effect of „second skin”. The eyes they can get fairy tale colours with delicate, satin and glossy texture.