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by oscar on Palace of colours

I received and I’m amazed by all the beautiful colour combinations

by Valentina – VallyartMakeup on Palace of colours
Una meravigliosa fonte d’ispirazione

Il libro è arrivato! E’ davvero molto bello, la fotografia è perfetta i colori stupendi..sono molto contenta di averlo acquistato e sarà per me una meravigliosa fonte d’ispirazione per il mio lavoro.

by About Face on Palace of colours
Eye Candy

Beautiful images that convey a story and emotion. So happy to have this book in my collection.

by Agnieszka Swiatlowska on Palace of colours
Such a book is a dream come true

I have just received the book and I was lost for words… to say the least 🙂 The album is gorgeous, I think it is the most beautiful item of the entire painting collection I have (yes I am comparing it to painting, as I could not classify this work in any other way). I’ve been admiring Dorota since long ago, so such a book is a dream come true… I will be able to have a look at it, admire it and get inspired with colours 🙂 I think it is a compulsory item for every make-up artist!!! Hats off.

by Dariusz Wychowalek on Palace of colours

The album was a gift for my wife who is an amateur make-up artist. She was delighted! As a photographer I think the album presents a great technical and editorial level.

by Stefano on Palace of colours

An incredible book…… magic colors, fantastic make-up.
Thank you very much

by Violet on Palace of colours

A great book for makeup artists which gives inspiration to try out new looks, textures and colors! Very professionally presented and very attractive layout!

by Editorial office – on Palace of colours
An inspiration not just for make-up artists

„Palace of Colours. Magic of Make-up” is an album which is not just a guidebook or handbook. It is a book fulfilling the need for a sensual experience. Each page contains photos of women who, adorned with colourful make-up, look towards the reader with dreamy eyes. The dream-like look of the images takes us to almost metaphysical domains, and one has an impression that make-up is not just an adornment of the body, but also a reflection of the soul.
The album is an inspiration not just to make-up artists and professionals, but first of all an invitation to every one of us, women, to use the „magic of make-up” and feel beautiful not just once in a blue moon.

by Anna Jeziorska on Palace of colours
I am enormously impressed

Since yesterday I am a happy owner of the album. I am enormously impressed by the make-ups – the game of colours and the meticulous application. The photos shall certainly serve as an inspiration for my own, so far humble and timid work 😉 The book is also published in an absolutely gorgeous way, it is a pleasure to hold it in your hand 🙂

by Malgorzata Niczke on Palace of colours

I waited for the print and finally here it is. I held my breath when I reviewed the album from cover to cover. The photos are awesome and, first of all, inspiring. I have already tested some make-ups based on them. What did I find missing? There is too little technical advice as to how to apply particular make-ups, but that was probably not the purpose of the album. The second copy shall go to my friend as a birthday gift. I recommend it to all those addicted to make-up.

by Jolanta Koldys on Palace of colours
The most beautiful work on make-up

For me the „Palace of Colours” is and will be the most beautiful book on make-up I will return to on sunny days, in autumn rains and on winter evenings.

by Marta Miszczak on Palace of colours

A fascinating adventure with make-up, stunning with beautiful photos. For me it is the most beautiful book about make-up. Inspiring, beautiful, and – first of all – so full of colour that you want to come back to it over and over again. To me, someone in love with the art of make-up, it is even more involving and a bit calming: the most important thing is intuition, not stiff, imposed rules. That’s what I like!

by Marta Zielinska on Palace of colours

Hi. I received the album and calendar yesterday. They are superb 😉
As a make-up artist I can say that it is a compulsory item, not just for MUAs. An endless source of inspiration, beautiful illustrations, in a perfect setting. It is simply a revelation!
I encourage everyone to get acquainted with this piece of art.

by Agnieszka Banasiak on Palace of colours
The power of colour and imagination

An adorable album. beautiful photos, beautiful make-ups, beautiful colours, beautiful artwork. It is worth having, worth looking at, worth showing to your friends… A charming inspiration to create your own make-up.

by Ayessa Supiana on Palace of colours

I just got my copy of the book in the post…. It is so amazing!! I screamed with excitement, it is so well put together and I love the way she is looking at beauty in a different way. Every page is so beautiful. I am so delighted.

Love from Ayessa in Ireland!

by Beata Klimka on Palace of colours
A gorgeous album

A gorgeous album – words can’t describe it.
Full of colours, mesmerizing.
You have to see it. Beautiful artwork, perfect graphics.

by Oliwia Godlewska on Palace of colours
The album is adorable!

The album is adorable! It is a great source of inspiration. Fantastic make-ups, beautiful colours. Note the excellent quality of the album. It is indeed one of the most beautiful make-up albums I have ever seen.

by Marlena Cybula on Palace of colours

Although I haven’t read the whole book yet, I can already say it is fantastic!!

by Hanna Siakajlo on Palace of colours
Positively inspiring

I am a happy owner of the Palace and Bez Wysiłku, a book which accidentally (maybe it was supposed to happen) fell into my hands and now it is already in my head. It is a very positive inspiration, and when you add to this the photos from the Palace album… I embrace it all!

by Evelien Van Tiggel on Palace of colours
fascinating colours

I just received a copy of the book and I’m amazed by all the beautiful colour combinations. The pictures are really professional and the make-up looks amazing! It’s a real inspiration to try new things in my work. Keep it up and I hope you will inspire a lot more people to go on and try new things. x

by Katarzyna Wiktorowicz on Palace of colours
A gorgeous book!

YES :)… The book is gorgeous, very elegant, wonderful to read and look at the beautiful photo. The author shows us that it is not worth sticking to worn-out patterns and stiff forms. Makes us aware that in fact we are all beautiful 🙂 … I think that it will bring pleasure to many women regardless of age… I personally like it a lot, it puts me in a good mood… Thank you…

by Agnieszka Zembrzycka – Editor-in-Chief, on Palace of colours
A beautiful and professional edition of Polish art of make-up

Looking at the gorgeous „Palace of Colours” album you want to scream: „the grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence!”. I have waited so long for such a beautiful and professional edition of Polish art of make-up. The cover and the golden rim invoke thoughts of Vogue’s artistry, and a deeper analysis of presented make-ups only confirms that we are facing make-up art at a world-class level.
Dorota, please accept my honest congratulations. I am enormously impressed by your passion and great talent.