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It so happened that I am writing the introduction at the very end. The book is almost ready. The last pictures have been selected, and the draft cover is on the table in front of me, inspiring me to write these
words. The Palace of Colours album is not just a regular book on make-up. It is a turning point in the quest for something more important than just the notion of „beauty”. A journey into myself, without any strictness,
any conditions, without preaching about what is important to keep yourself beautiful and what is not. Palace of Colours is not a handbook or a „step-by-step” kind of book. At its very root there has always been
just one goal – an answer to the question: who am I? And who do I want to be?

Nowadays, the galloping media promote countless trends we should follow in order to achieve the illusionary notion of perfection. The album you are holding in your hands is a sort of a time machine, built not to travel even faster, but to stop for a moment, simply out of defiance. Sit down with a cup of coffee and take a break. It is a book for women looking for inspiration to express themselves in a better way. A book where I present examples of normal and, in a sense, ordinaryextraordinary women who can become a valuable source of inspiration. A place where every girl can be a princess or a noblewoman, and every mature woman, beautiful despite the lapse of years, can be a queen.

In the Metamorphoses chapter I demonstrate the magical effect of brush, eye shadows and foundation – without additional retouching. But it always brings out this very „something” from within. And if this something, apart from a well-groomed and pretty face, is smile, friendliness and balanced self-confidence, then the goal will be achieved. Our queen will be ready for the ball, where she will discreetly and gracefully spread her unique magic.

The Metamorphoses chapter, apart from examples of women from different age groups in daytime and evening make-up, also uncovers the myths that rule the world of make-up. In this chapter we take a look at some of them, and, as I do not want to create any new ones or dictate what is appropriate, I will leave for the reader to decide in which styling a particular model looks best. My goal is to inspire women to a broader pursuit of beauty, and not to repeat the same old patterns.

Metamorphoses also include bridal make-up, presented here with several examples of actual brides. Every bride is beautiful and I have no doubt about that. It is enough to consciously arrange the entire styling, including the make-up.

Make-up artists, aficionados, photographers, stylists and all those who are no strangers to the notion of beauty – with all of them in mind, over a period of almost seven years I have been creating the make-ups for the Fashion chapter. In this part I try to demonstrate that there are no absolute laws or rules which could not be aesthetically broken. Everything is allowed, and the limits are only set by our mind – unbounded and limitless like art itself. Let the multi-coloured stylings invoke your imagination, encourage you to fulfil your fantasies and take you to a colourful world of magic created with a brush and a lens. – Dorota Kościukiewicz-Markowska


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Make-up allows a woman to be created the way she would like to be. It expresses emotions, adds courage, creates an unusual aura…

There is no way to be beautiful always and with every step you take. You sometimes need to take a break from beauty, making it easier to appreciate the very moment of transformation – the moment when, instead of Cinderella, a beautiful princess appears before your eyes. She has always been there, maybe a bit shy, a bit overwhelmed with work or unaware of her own charm. Inside the Palace of Colours you will meet seventeen extraordinary women who made it possible to reveal what lies within. The metamorphoses presented here prove that inside each of us, women, lies an enormous potential which should not squeezed into any rigid limits. Take a look and see for yourself that beauty has many faces, and each face – a countless repertoire of incarnations.

1. Make-up myths:

– The myth of colour analysis
– The myth of warm and cold tones
– The myth of eye shadows matching the iris colour – read sample

2. Make-up for different age groups:

– Teenage princess
– Twenty-year-old lady
– Countess in her thirties – read sample
– Forty-year-old marquise
– Queen in her fifties

3. Daytime and evening make-up in eight variations 

4. Bridal make-up  


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Fashion make-up can change a woman into a creature from a different world. An ethereal phantom from the borderland of dream and reality…

Today’s fairy tale ideal is the one from the magazine cover – beautiful, perfect, flawless. The one that hypnotizes and bedazzles, but is so distant from us. Why? Because it is pure magic – a colourful dream of a talented alchemist. The transformation into a princess is an arduous process. Casting a spell requires many hours of work. In spite of this, the wizards – photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists – willingly spare no effort to make their pieces of art match those by Klimt or Modigliani. One might say – just an art for art’s sake! But this is the very essence of fashion makeup – madness, crossing borders and letting the imagination run wild without limits. Sometimes it is hard to believe that under the layer of magic there are regular girls. And intentionally, for the illusion to remain an illusion, I do not show pictures of models before make-up. Let the imagination in this chapter run free of any comparisons, putting a curtain of understatement on what is real and what is already a fairy tale. So please feel invited to visit this part of the Palace of Colours with a lot of different inspirations – from natural make-up, to flowers and glitter, to pure futurism.

1. Touch of colour
2. Flowers
3. Glitter and pigments – read sample
4. Abstract
5. Feathers and lace – read sample
6. Ethno – read sample

Description of issue:

Format: 330 x 240mm
Number of pages: 204
Paper: Chalk Arctic 170g silk
Binding: Hardcover
Gilded edges
Hotprint gold embossed title
Language: English-Polish

Publisher: MOVART
ISBN: 978-83-935376-0-0